2017 in review!

A big thank you to all our fans and friends for a brilliant 2017!

We played early as well as often - hitting the Valhalla stage the first non holiday weekend of the year with Captured Kings, Chimpangenie, Bloodshot and The Addiction - now known as Pale Lady who went on to win the Battle of the Bands (high five!)

We then disappeared into Blue Barn studio to record our EP.

James Goldsmith did a brilliant job to capture our sound and pushed us to give our very best on each take.  We hope to be back in studio early 2018!

We still found time to get out and play though....lots of times in fact! Part way through mixing we did our first appearance at Angus Inn for the year with Burning Embers and Gone By Dawn. 

We also did not one, but two gigs with the best local Sabbath tribute band around - Hand of Doom. Along with Electric Goat and Ultranauts we shook up Valhalla and saw a huge response from the crowd.

Biggest moment of the year had to be the release of our EP in August.

Once again a big load of credit to James and also Mike Gibson at Park Road Post for his mastering work.  Mike uses QOTSA as a referance so we knew we were in very good hands....and ears!

After that we got busy.....REAL busy!

A few gigs had to be let go due to an illness in the band - but we put things all together for the Friday 13th gig at the Angus - once again with our mates in Captured Kings and Greene King.

Media attention picked up once the EP hit the inter-webs.  We did an interview with Heavy Metal Wanaka (now Skulls of Doom Podcast) and were aired on the NZ Hard Rock Show and Onyx Alley.

2017 ended with a bang....or maybe a land slide....

Last month and a half we played in quick succession at Lovelands with OSR, Gentleman Bastards and Darkwater - and the very next weekend at the Hutt City Charity Rock Fest.

The Lovelands gig in particular was mindblowing in enthusiasm and energy.  Hope to be back there again in 2018 and to play some more with the other bands.

Last, but far from least, we had the joy of joining Bloodnut and aussies Hobo Magic in December on part of their tour around NZ. Much fun and mateship to be had - big thanks to Dick Tracey and Opium Eater on stage with us too.

So cheers to all the fans, musicians, venues and other good bastards for a great 2017.  Believe us when we say 2018 will be even more massive!

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